TaskJuggler Installer for Windows

Developing software often needs some project management and planning. Unfortunately I regularly break Microsoft Project schedules in a way that leveling the resources does not work any more.

I have tried alternatives like GanttProject and ProjectLibre, but they all don’t fit my needs. Then I saw a recommendation for TaskJuggler. Unfortunately, TaskJuggler is not very convenient to install, especially behind a company firewall which prevents downloading missing Ruby gems.

After much pain, I figured out that I need to download and install the following in this order:

  1. Ruby
  2. RubyGems
  3. Tins gem
  4. Term-ansicolor gem
  5. Mime-types gem
  6. Mail gem
  7. TaskJuggler gem

Luckily, RubyInstaller covers steps 1 and 2.

After installation, I found that I need even more adjustments for convenience:

  1. Icon to better recognize the TaskJuggler .TJP files
  2. A file association for editing the .TJP file in Notepad++ (or at least Notepad)
  3. A context menu entry to “compile” the project to avoid the long Ruby command line “C:\Ruby22\bin\ruby.exe” “c:\Ruby22\bin\tj3” “myproject.tjp”. In addition, stop in case of errors.
  4. Syntax highlighting in Notepad++ to detect mistakes while typing
  5. A template for the New entry in the context menu (because starting with a totally empty file is hard)
  6. Support for Windows Explorer’s preview pane

Those convenience features need a lot of Windows Registry tweaking and are thus error-prone.

Nevertheless, once installed, TaskJuggler is a really great product. To lower the hurdle of using it, I have created the TaskJuggler Windows Installer which performs above steps.


TaskJuggler 3.5.0 Installer 0.7 32 Bit (20.0 MB)

TaskJuggler 3.5.0 Installer 0.7 64 Bit (20.6 MB)

Be aware that this is a version which has not been tested much.

Reporting bugs

Report bugs to taskjuggler.yyyy-mm-dd@lockerflockig,de (where yyyy-mm-dd is the current date).