Huge JSON Viewer

Inspired by a Question on Software Recommendations, I wrote this Viewer for very large JSON files. It can open files of 1.4 GB in size or even larger, as long as you have ~7 times the amount of RAM on your machine.

System requirements: Windows 7 SP1 or higher, .NET 4.5, 64 bit recommended

License: MIT, closed source at the moment

Download: Huge JSON Viewer (13.8 MB)

Portable (experimental): Huge JSON Viewer (17.4 MB)

Changes in 0.4.12:

  • Bugfix: progress percentage when opening many files

Changes in 0.4.10:

  • Bugfix: 130kb memory leak per opened file

Changes in 0.4.8:

  • Bugfix: NullReferenceException for JSONs that contain null values.

Changes in 0.4.7:

  • Bugfix: Valid JSON files that start with an array cannot be parsed
  • Open files passed as command line arguments
  • Center the progress dialog over the window

Bugs: report bugs to where yyyy-mm-dd is the current date.

Known issues:

  • This software is in beta
  • The progress bar window can be closed while the JSON file is being opened

Screenshot of the version with menu and tabs:Screenshot

Screenshot of an older version with a 1.4 GB file loaded: